Kama Marga Tantra is now located to its new home – ‘The Avalon Sanctuary: A Tantric retreat center for spiritual development and conscious evolution’ in Tepoztlan, Mexico. We specialize in creating and guiding personalized Tantric retreats for couples. We have two luxury cabins available for your retreat stay. Interactive talks and presentations and workshops on a variety of subjects related to Tantra, Sufi or Gnostic spirituality, Conscious Loving and Joyful Living are available. To book a retreat or if you want to host a meditation retreat or workshop with Kalki and Cristina please contact us directly by email.

‘Beyond Lust & Desire … The Art Of Conscious Love!’

Whether we are single, in a burgeoning relationship or a couple in transition, we are all in search of a deep, healing, fulfilling love that leads to a complicit and harmonious companionship and an orgasmic and lasting passion. Come explore the various aspects of love, the joy of giving and receiving, the law of sexual attraction, the alchemy of love relationships and integration of the sacred in everyday life.

Topics Addressed:
• Principles of Love
• The yin and yang of things
• The polarity between the masculine and the feminine
• Alchemical model of relationships
• The Anima and Animus: (the internal masculine / feminine projection)
• The Soul-mate: myth or reality
• Relationship Types and variations
• The power of desire and the Tantric erogenous zones
• Power of ritual in relationships
• Exercises, Meditation & Circle of Love

Are you curious about Tantra and how this ancient practice can enhance your life?
Do you want to transform your lovemaking into a liberating spiritual experience?
Do you want to learn skills to develop longer lasting and deeper orgasmic experiences?

Tantra Essentials invites you to explore the mystery of spiritual eroticism. This 2.5-day workshop is for everyone (single men, women and couples) who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of Tantric spirituality and how its practices are perfectly suited for this modern age. You will discover how sexuality and the sexual energy can be used as a path for healing, spiritual transformation and entering higher states of consciousness.
The teaching offered in this workshop are in adherence to the most ancient tradition of Tantra.

Topics Addressed:

• Consecration
• Basic principles of Tantra
• Polarity: The Siva/Shakti principle
• The male orgasm vs ejaculation
• Sublimation of sexual energy
• The 7 types of female orgasm
• Instruction in the development of the Tantric orgasm
• Archetypes of relationship
• Awareness, control and channeling of energy
• Introduction to Tantric Rituals
• Transfiguration
• Hatha Yoga practice specifically designed for sexual vitality and the sublimation of sexual energy

This workshop includes guided Tantric meditations, initiations, exercises and practices
There are no explicit sexual presentations or nudity.

Rituals are the foundation of the spiritual life and the path to higher consciousness especially for the Tantric practitioner. These ancient teachings on love, sexuality and spiritual union are based on a traditional Tantric approach and has been passed secretly from Teacher to initiate for generations.
Rituals are a means of transforming ordinary daily activities (eating, bathing, lovemaking…) into deeply intimate, profound, healing and even enlightening experiences. This workshop offers an exclusive look into the mystical and sacred journey that is the Tantric ritual.
Please note that this workshop contains no nudity or explicit presentations.

Topics Addressed:

• Exploring the transformative nature of rituals
•Tantric Symbolism and their meaning
• Opening to the light – Consecration
• The power of intention and invocation
• Awakening the Spiritual Heart
• Creating and holding sacred space, sacred time…
• Creating, purifying and healing through ritual
• How to use the cycles of the moon for rituals
• Step by step creation of a Tantric ritual
• Inviting the sacred into your daily life
• Methods to reach an altered state of consciousness during lovemaking

This workshop includes guided Tantric meditations, initiations, exercises and practices
There are no explicit sexual presentations or nudity.

In this workshop we introduce the secrets of Tantric massage for healing, intimacy, and achieving orgasmic pleasure!
In today’s busy modern society we find that many people have various sexual blockages or suffer from sexual dysfunctions of many kinds. Everyone, but especially women, can hold tension in the genital area, as well as the effects of abuse or emotional closure due to family dysfunctions, divorce, etc. Compounded by the sedentary lifestyles most people lead, misunderstanding surrounding the concept of true love, and the lack of real intimacy and touch within a couple, sexual blockages of various kinds are powerfully evident in our lives.
Through Tantric massage both men and women learn to completely let go of all that holds them back from their fullest self-expression at this level. By embracing your natural desires in the natural state, learning to love your body and appreciate the beauty and harmony within, agreeing to courageously confront the obstacles to your own bliss, and allowing yourself to surrender and trust your own divine manifestation, this sacred body work can create miracles in your life.
Tantric massage teaches us to let go of all the constraints brought upon us by society and to allow ourselves to become truly open, experiencing pleasure – even becoming wild and adventurous – all while learning the secrets of Tantric massage, special Tantric meditations, and how to touch another person and bring orgasmic pleasure to another human being.

You will learn and practice:
• How to prepare the environment for a Tantric massage ritual
• Different oils recommended for Tantric massage
• How to develop the erotic touch
• Healing points in the body
• Moving energy with touch and removing blockages
• Sexual Anatomy – the genitals and their structure
• How to bring a woman to different orgasms with touch
• How to bring a man orgasmic pleasure,help him maintain full continence & better control.
• How to overcome shyness and limitations
• Various special activities and Tantric meditations

This weekend seminar includes live explicit demonstrations, Tantric practice, meditations, exercises in couples, and other practical elements (Nudity is optional). It is not necessary to attend as part of a couple, but you may be matched with partner for non-sexual exercises. REGISTER NOW!

THE KAMA MARMAS: The Art of Touching Intimacy – 1 DAY WORKSHOP
Rediscover sensuality – Reawaken desire – Develop deeper intimacy – Embody conscious loving
Whether you are beginning a relationship or ending one the Kama Marmas (the 18 Tantric erogenous zones of the physical and energetic bodies) will give you the tools and techniques you need to develop: intimate communication, trust and complicity, self-confidence, awareness, acceptance and appreciation of your sexual body, and the ability to give and receive in a intimate love relationship.

Topics include:
• The location of each zone, it’s cultural or anthropological significance, how to stimulate it and the effects it has on the body.
• How to effectively use the 3 categories of zones: primary, secondary, tertiary
• The benefits of the practice of Kama Marma sequences, especially for couples who want to increase their sexual chemistry, as well as those beginning an intimate relationship.
• Techniques to develop the presence, intimate communication, intuitive listening, respect, trust, complicity and playfulness
• Healing aspects of the Kama Marma (psycho-sexual blockages, frigidity, premature ejaculation, performance anxiety …)
• How to turn the whole body in an erogenous zone

Though the workshop content is intimate and explicit, there will be NO nudity or sexual touching.

THE TANTRIC VIRA – Tantric Training for Men – 2.5 DAY WORKSHOP
HEROS, real men are a rare breed nowadays. But they can be created!
In the tantric tradition Vira is a term used to describe the model male typology for the tantric practitioner, the Hero. It refers to the composite ideal of perfect masculine, manly, and heroic characteristics. According to the tradition, Vira characteristics are very difficult to develop in today’s world, as a result of various changes in human society.

This Vira training workshop is for those who are interested in developing the characteristics necessary for the perfection of the masculine tantric practice. It is reserved for men only, and this factor alone will amplify masculinity. Techniques will be given and practiced to develop the masculine energy, especially from the standpoint of the tantric tradition. The workshop includes theory, meditation, and practical exercises.

This workshop is a revelation for many men. It will open your eyes to some of the most important aspects of your being and will help you to understand your own masculinity and how to enhance it in a harmonious way. Becoming a Vira in Tantra is an important step for any man and can be a great help in daily life and on your spiritual path.

The Vira training in Tantra is a powerful training for men. It teaches men the way of gradual yet comprehensive masculine development. Vira ultimately refers to the level of consciousness of men, not necessarily just the physical attributes. Vira training teaches men to discover their inner SHIVA: the ultimate masculine principle in Tantra.

Techniques taught and used in the Vira training:
• Yoga postures and breathing techniques for men
• Methods for enhancing the masculinity and virility
• Yogic teachings for men about wholesome eating for vitality
• Study of the male archetypes according to the Tantric tradition
• Tantric secrets for enhancing masculinity
• Natural Penis enhancement techniques
• Tantric secrets on how to kick start the libido, enhance vitality and stamina
• Practices to increase masculinity and power on the level of each of the 7 Chakras
• Tantric Meditations for the Vira
• Mens sharing and healing Circle

Cultivating desire and an attitude of joyfulness is key to sustaining love, complicity and passion in a relationship. Why wait till you feel the spark of intimacy has ebbed away and complacency has set in. Yes a committed love relationship can be hard work, challenging and even painful as the self expands and the ego get shaken. This is all the more reason to strive to bring more playfulness, joy, passion, awareness and reverence to the mystery and magic that is a the union of two hearts and minds.
This workshop is all about celebrating the journey of the couple and rediscovering those beautiful little moments that made you fall in love with your beloved.

Topics Addressed:

• The source of joy
• The attitude of gratitude
• The polarity equation
• Laughter & playfulness
• The intimate connection: communication, affection and sharing
• The breath of love
• Role play and the inner masculine/feminine
• The cup is half full – nurturing a positive outlook
•Transfiguration Ritual
• Meditations, exercises, & practices for couples

The TANTRIC SOULMATE WORKSHOP: Manifesting your Beloved One!
A journey for learning, healing and exploration dedicated to the Soul-mate and conscious love! Do you know what you really want in a partner? Why do you attract the lovers that you do? What do you need to feel fulfilled in life and in a relationship? Do you know what limits your ability to love or to be loved the way you long for? Learn how to free yourself from the baggage of your past relationships, so that you may call into your life a loving partner that embraces your vision of what a joyful, passionate and fulfilling relationship can be.
This two and a half day workshop will introduce you to the core concepts and practices that will help you identify and attract the One most compatible for you. Learn to embrace your deepest longing, by living and loving from the heart so that you may consciously manifest greater authenticity, love, passion and fulfillment in your life.

Topics include:

• Exploring the nature of relationships: from the sexual to the spiritual
• The masculine/feminine archetypes
• The Soul-mate: myth or reality
• Clarifying your vision of love and relationship
• Recognizing your ideal partner
• Releasing the past and embracing the future
• The Law of Attraction – Rules of the game
• Creating and healing through the heart
• Living your heart’s desire everyday
• Guided meditations, exercises and practices

The path to sacred intimacy in relationship, is one of courage, awareness and surrender. One of the deepest longings of the heart is to experience the depth of human love and to express it freely and spontaneously without fear or judgement. It is then through conscious loving that this human love can rise up to reveal its Divine nature.

Whether you are between relationships, just beginning one or comfortably committed, this practical workshop is about exploring and developing the different stages of intimacy; from the physical to the cosmic. Each stage can lead to deeper awareness and a more authentic connection with our self, our partner and the world around us, from which true healing, empowerment and ecstatic bliss can be realized.

Topics include:

• The five stages of intimacy (physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual, cosmic)
• Love, Lust, Desire and Ecstasy
• The Kama Marmas: Tantric erogenic zones
• Polarity: The Shiva/Shakti principle
• All about orgasms (male and female)
• Awareness, control & channelling of energy
• Sexuality of the chakras
• Sacredness & the power of ritual
• Awakening to the Spiritual Heart within
• Meditation, exercises and tantric practices


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