Embrace the heart ~ Celebrate the body ~ Liberate the spirit

WELCOME to an introduction to Tantric rituals. As subject that has been misunderstood, mislabeled and diluted in its transition from east to west.
There are numerous tantric rituals for many occasions and purposes. Some are simple and take little time to prepare and perform, while others are more elaborate and can take weeks of preparation, they can be done alone or in a couple or in groups yet all are potent, mystical and magical in their own right.
Only a few basic rituals are presented here to get you started on the path to Sacred Loving and living.
The key to Tantric rituals or any ritual for that matter is the intention with which it is performed. In Tantra the intention is one of love, devotion and surrender.

Preparing sacred spaces for rituals, creating rituals and bringing ritual sacredness in daily life are all taught in the workshops; VIRA Group, TANTRA 1, TANTRA 2, Awakening the Sensual Self and Essential Secrets of Tantric Massage and our Cacao Tantra Evenings. Please contact us for more information on organizing a workshop or event in your area. 

Cérémonie de Cacao et Rituel Tantrique

These delightful evenings will begin with an informal tantra talk on a subject related to Tantra as a path of love. The cacao blessing ceremony will open the evening and be followed by a guided Tantric ritual; Awakening the Senses, Dynamic Chakra Meditation, Angel Walk, Transfiguration …). The evening will conclude with a sitting meditation and a group sharing.
Participants are encouraged to bring a white change of clothes for the ritual an offering of fresh fruit and flowers for the alter

If you wish to have a more in depth understanding and personalized experience Kalki offers private Tantric training sessions for men, women and couples.

TAKE YOUR TIME while performing this rituals let the experience take you on a journey, so turn off the phone, get long lasting candles make a pot of tea, add a bowl of fresh fruit, jag of water, flowers, put on you favorite tracks and whatever else inspires you and enjoy.

Welcoming your partner with respect and gratitude by bowing slightly with hands to heart. This gesture is traditional greeting and sign of reverence in many Asian cultures. It signifies the divine in me recognizes and honours the Divine in you.

Every tantric act even eating or bathing or shitting begins with a consecration. Sitting or standing separately close the eyes and make a prayer; offering the fruits of all your actions; the ritual, the meditation or the love making to the highest source, ie: Shiva, God, Goddess, Divine Consciousness… for the evolution of your being and for all beings in the highest and best way.

A beautiful pre love making ritual, in which each partner honours the divine nature of the other. This is the Namaste ritual taken deeper. One partner kneels in front of the other, preferably naked and gazes upon the other with absolute adoration, love and devotion. The goal to see or trnasfigure their partner was Shiva or Shakti incarnate. You may want to touch, caress or kiss your beloveds feet, hands or sex, but always with devotion and worship. Though arousal will likely occur this is not a sexual exercise so keep the mood devotional rather then sexual that comes later.

TRANSFIGURATION: A continuation of the Shiva- Shakti Adoration this ritual includes both partners in the process simultaneously. Sit in front of each other, clothed or naked knees touching and holding hands in a special mudra or hand position, (taught in Tantra 1 workshop). The key is to gazing steadly yet soft into each others eyes inviting Shiva (Divine Masculine) and Shakti (Divine Feminine) to be revealed in you and in your partner.

Sitting or standing facing each other, hold hands and gently touch foreheads, third eye to third eye. Deep tantric breathing awakens ajana chakra, the third eye chakra creating a powerful psychic connection with your partner.

Sitting in the classical Tantric Yab Yum posture; the women sitting on top of the man her legs wrapped around his hips they share an intimate tender heart to heart embrace, combined with synchronized and alternate breathing and a gentle rocking. This powerful technique creates deep levels of connection and intimacy.

(dressed or nude) Lay down on your backs, pubis to pubis, the woman`s legs draped over the man`s legs. Holding hands, begin to breath deeply and rythmicly and concentrate on the energy and sensations at Muladhara, the root chakra moving up through your body. A deep connection with your partner is created, when you disappear into oneness. This powerful technique can also release repressed emotions. Just let go and go with the flow and enjoy the journey.

It is fun, it is sensual, it is erotic, it is naughty; exploring the power of touch, through caressing, nibbling, biting kneading, slapping in a loving, aggressive, sensual, and erotic affectionate way. This ritual teaches us to enjoy the pleasure of giving unconditionally and to receive with gratitude, of active listening and dynamic presence.

Offer a worshipful, steady gaze to your lovers genitals, get enraptured in the process by adding deep slow breathing rhythmic breathing and experience endless peace while in rapt adoration of your lovers sexual organs. Healing and cathartic especially if one partner has blockages or trauma related to their genitals. Avoid touching. The recipient of the gaze must surrender to being worshiped in such a way.
This ritual can also be done solo using a mirror to transfigure your own genitals and can be used in combination with the AWAKENING THE SENSUAL SELF Ritual below.

Self pleasuring, self-love, discovering and exploring the beauty and sacredness of the body, embracing the sensual self is essential to a healthy and vibrant sexual life. Using specific intentions, affirmations and breathing techniques to achieve healing, self-empowerment, self-confidence and self-esteem.
As wonderful as it is to do indulge in this ritual alone it can also be performed in front of a partner who can either perform their own self-loving ritual or simply transfiguring you.

Sit in the above mentioned Yub Yum position, the woman sitting on top of her partner, embrace each other with foreheads touching. Gently rock or remain in stillness breathing in unison surrendering to ecstatic flow of energy vibrating through your being. High states of bliss and consciousness can be reached in this position.


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