Everything is synchronicity you have found your way here because elements of tantra, it`s philosophy and it`s potential for healing and evolution calls to you. Are interested in exploring Tantra and it`s techniques as a lifestyle, or for healing, or for heightened pleasure, or as a personal practice? If you answer YES then this is the right place for you to explore your journey and now is the moment.

Kāma (Sanskrit, Pali; Devanagari: काम) is often translated from Sanskrit as sexual desire, sensual gratification, sexual fulfillment, or eros, but can more broadly mean desire, wish, passion, longing, pleasure of the senses, the aesthetic enjoyment of life, affection, or love, without sexual connotations.

Marga (Sanskrit; Pali: magga), “path,” or way of accomplishing something such as yoga or sadhana

sri yantra-siva-shaktiKama Marga Tantra is a path that embraces the beauty and the bliss that life has to offer. It is our mission to empower others to fully express their love, their sexuality and the divine nature of their masculine-feminine essence. Tantra is not about blind faith, nor dogma, nor codes of behavior but rather it insists on an experiential approach to living and loving, where the present moment is all there is. Everything is experienced as an expression of love, from the profane to the Divine leading to personal growth, psycho-emotional healing, sexual empowerment, spiritual awakening and knowing of the self.

We strive to make these ancient yet essential teachings accessible and available to everyone who is curious and who dares step outside of their comfort zone to embrace their highest potential and greatest bliss.

In its pure essence everything is the creative force of Love. So as Tantra is the path of Love, everything then is Tantra. As it is an experiential path the way we interact with each other, the way we breathe, the way care for ourselves, the way we love, the way we connect to and experience the world is all Tantra.

Tantra is an ancient path originating in conscious spirituality that draws on the equilibrium between the masculine (consciousness) and the feminine (manifestation) principles within us to reach higher states of consciousness and self-mastery. Tantriks seek to experience the mystical aspects of existence while remaining firmly grounded in the physical world. Sex is the essential activity of human life, both in terms of the survival of the species and of its potential for transcendence. The sexual energy itself is used by the tantriks as a tool to open the heart and awaken the senses, to promote change, transformation, vitality, love, bliss and eventually liberation. Liberation from the little things. In Sanskrit, Tantra is derived from two words Tanoi (to expand) and Trayati (liberation, instrument) so Tantra can be seen as an instrument of expansion of consciousness or energy. The sexual energy expands to liberate the spiritual energy – kundalini – which rises through or physical and energetic bodies leading us to liberation, self-realization, enlightenment. Tantra is a way of life as much as a path to sexual awakening and spiritual evolution.

Every moment of the rest of our life is our journey through conscious living and loving. Tantra teaches us that when we honor the Divine nature of all that is including our selves and worship the inner spirit through every action we take but especially during love-making or during our own sensual experience, mystical awareness, self-realization and ecstatic bliss will eventually occur.

Sexual energy is the most basic yet powerful energy in the body. The cultivation of this life creating force acts as a potent mystical catalyst that creates sacred healing, increases well-being and brings passion, love, bliss and other higher states of consciousness. Tantra`s alchemical nature brings revitalization, rejuvenation and transformation to every aspect of your life and relationships.

Through Tantric practice and Tantric healing sessions, we become completely absorbed, like a drop of water becomes the ocean, we are absorbed into a cosmic ocean of love and light. It is a light that is so pure and so vast that though it casts no shadow it includes all shadows, for what is light without darkness to make it light. When we realize that we are living, breathing consciousness and the masters of our own reality, all worries worries, thoughts, past impressions, and old traumas are released, revealing the truth of our being and the purpose of our becoming.

Experience surrendering to the bliss of a Tantric Healing session with Kalki.


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