Touching Love

DivineLovers1I am not one to post about my personal life online but the urge to share my joy has been overwhelming.

I am truly blessed, graced with living the most extraordinary love of my life. Devoted to an exceptional woman, a Woman of God, a true Devi of the heart; whom I adore, admire, respect and trust with my life. As eclectic and rich as my existence has been I am for the first time experiencing the simplicity of living love as a true expression of Self where nothing is hidden, despised, denied, or repressed; where everything I sense, everything I experience, everything I am becomes an unconditional offering, a path to deeper awareness, higher consciousness and greater bliss. My every breath expresses gratitude for the strength, the joy, the healing and the freedom that this beautiful commitment to touching the Divine through my love and devotion for my Beloved. After a lifetime of searching and experimenting I am finally tasting the real sweetness, the juiciness, the succulence of living through the spiritual heart which is the essence of the teachings and practices that I embrace.

This is the journey of a lifetime and for it to be, the assumption that tomorrow is guaranteed must be banished. A commitment of such breadth and depth is one that needs to be renewed and nurtured each and every day, without hesitation, without exception. Forever really does exist, but only now, in this very moment. By letting go of all that I am, by surrendering to love, by embodying devotion without condition or expectation, I make it possible for the moment itself to become forever. Thus each gaze, each caress, each kiss becomes an unceasing prayer to everlasting love.

‘Between me and You, there is only me. Take away the me, so only You remain.’ – Hafiz

I pray that each and every one of you come to touch this divine intimacy in your lifetime for it will lift up your mind, your heart and your life in a most inspiring and magical way. To live love is to surrender who you think you are to allow what you have always been, a divine light of inspiration, to shine forth and touch the world with beauty and grace.

Cristina and I look forward to sharing this beautiful journey with you, in our upcoming posts, books and workshops.
Blessings and joy to you all, – mKn

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