Tantra Workshop Saturday, August 16

Saturday, August 16, 13hr – 18hr
The Art of Touching Intimacy Workshop
with Martin ‘Kalki’ Neufeld
– Tantric yogi, educator and healer
Le Plateau, Montreal
Price: 100$
This is an exclusive 5hr Intensive for couples and select singles with a very limited number of participants, you will be accepted only after a telephone interview with Kalki.

Call to for interview and workshop location 438 998-7978
Reservations & Payment

Touching IntimacyWorkshop Details:
Rediscover sensuality, desire and erotic touch through the wonderful Tantric practice of the Kama Marmas. How well do you know your sensual body and what about your partner’s? Through exploration and tactile stimulation of the 18 erogenous zones of the body you will learn not only to ignite the sexual desires, but also to develop intimate communication, self confidence, acceptance and appreciation of your body, and experience the pleasures of giving and receiving.
The workshop covers:
• The placement of each zone, their cultural or anthropological significance and how to stimulate them and their effects
• How to use the Primary, secondary, tertiary zones effectively;
• The benefits for couples who wish to increase their desire and those who are just entering an intimate relationship.
• How to develop presence, intimate communication, intuitive listening, body confidence, trust, and playfulness.
• The healing aspects of the Kama Marmas related to sexual blockages (frigidity, premature ejaculation, performance anxiety…)
• How to turn the entire body into one erogenous zone

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