Why fall when you can rise in Love!

The following is an excerpt from a talk I gave during of the Kama Marma workshop I lead for the participants of the Agama Tantra Instructors Training Program in Thailand, about the journey of love from a Tantric perspective. 

…Rather than saying you are “falling in love” why don’t we look at it as “ I’m rising in love with you” not falling in love with you. Instead of falling down in love you rise it up into the heart and higher. This is an approach to love that opens up and flows through you. It is a pleasure that flows through you. If we try to grasp onto it we lose it’s magic, it moves down and it becomes falling into something deeper and darker than love, it turns into hunger, neediness, possessiveness, attachment & jealousy. The higher our ideal the higher we can reach, even if we don’t get there. In tantra we talk about the journey that’s important- we aim for the moon, but its not just getting to the moon that’s important, is the striving to get there that is the weaving of Tantra. Look at and embrace the journey. It will make you become greater than you are and what you think you are. It will help you experience and reach your highest potential as a human being and a spiritual being….

Workshops & events available: Sacred loving & Conscious living, The Spiritual Relationship, The Art of Living Love, The Art of Touching Intimacy, In Search for the ONE: Attracting and keeping a soulmate!, Chocolate Tantra &  Awakening the senses, The Art of Ritual in Love and Life …
Public talks and private consultations are also available.

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