Toucher par la Générosité !

Un cadeau d'amour!Ci-dessous vous trouverez un petit vidéo émouvant qui démontre l’esprit de générosité en action. Comment puissant sont les petits gestes gratuit ; si simple, si beau, si authentique, si valorisant. Ils peuvent non seulement transformer un vie mais la sauvée.

Hier soir durant ma conférence ‘L’Amour au delà du désire!’ je parlait justement du concept donner c’est recevoir et c’est bienfaits. Après avoir partager des centaines de milliers de Câlins comme M. Câlin, un des pionnier du mouvement ‘Câlins Gratuit’ je peu personnellement attester d’avoir vécu cette vérité dans sa plénitude. Être témoin du bonheur que vive ceux qui bénéfice de ces geste de générosité et d’amour gratuite est le plus grand cadeau qu’on puisse s’offrir. C’est de cette manière que l’amour de soi ce développe et que le cœur et conscience s’élève au delà des désires mondains.

La vie coule a travers nous et sans nous !
Pour quoi pas lâcher prisse et couler avec elle. Mieux vivre dans l’expansion de l’Amour plus tôt que de se noyer dans la contraction de la peur. La vie, votre vie est un événement unique et miraculeux qui mérite notre pleine attention et doit être célébré chaque jours avec joie et gratitude.
Après avoir regarder ce video je vous invite a poser un geste aujourd’hui qui porteras bonheur, réconfort, joie, aide ou amour a une être vivant qui en as besoin.

Joie et gratitude, mKn

Une personne heureuse n’a pas besoin de religion ; une personne heureuse n’a pas besoin de temple , pas d’église – parce que, pour une personne heureuse tout l’univers est un temple , toute l’existence est une église . La personne heureuse n’as besoin d’aucune activité religieuse parce que toute sa vie est religieuse.‘ – OSHO

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Conférence – Soirée Tantrique – Ateliers

le 3, 5, 6, 7 septembre avec Martin ‘Kalki’ Neufeld
Equilibrium Yoga, 4812 Boulevard Saintrent, Montréal, QC, H2T 1R5
Contact courriel – 438 998-7978


SPECIAL 4 événements pour 3 – Payer ici maintenant!
Inscrivez-vous aux 4 événements en même temps et recevez une entrée gratuite pour la Soirée Chocolat Tantra d’une valeur de 40$.

Mercredi, 3 septembre (19h à 21h30)
30$ a la porte
Conférence interactive :
‘Au delà du Désire – L’Art d’aimer!’
Pour plus de détails sur la conférence.

Vendredi, le 5 septembre (19h à 22h)
40$ a la porte
‘Soirée Chocolat Tantra & L’Éveil des sens’
Pour plus de détails sur la soirée.

Samedi, le 6 septembre (13h à 18h)
110$ / personne
ATELIER: ‘À la recherche de l’Âme-sœur et de l’amour avec un grand A!’
Détails de l’atelierInscriptions et Payement

(Dimanche, le 7 septembre (13h à 18h)
110$ / personne
ATELIER: ‘Les Kama Marma – L’Art de Toucher l’Intimité’
Détails de l’atelierInscriptions et Payement

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Touching Love

DivineLovers1I am not one to post about my personal life online but the urge to share my joy has been overwhelming.

I am truly blessed, graced with living the most extraordinary love of my life. Devoted to an exceptional woman, a Woman of God, a true Devi of the heart; whom I adore, admire, respect and trust with my life. As eclectic and rich as my existence has been I am for the first time experiencing the simplicity of living love as a true expression of Self where nothing is hidden, despised, denied, or repressed; where everything I sense, everything I experience, everything I am becomes an unconditional offering, a path to deeper awareness, higher consciousness and greater bliss. My every breath expresses gratitude for the strength, the joy, the healing and the freedom that this beautiful commitment to touching the Divine through my love and devotion for my Beloved. After a lifetime of searching and experimenting I am finally tasting the real sweetness, the juiciness, the succulence of living through the spiritual heart which is the essence of the teachings and practices that I embrace.

This is the journey of a lifetime and for it to be, the assumption that tomorrow is guaranteed must be banished. A commitment of such breadth and depth is one that needs to be renewed and nurtured each and every day, without hesitation, without exception. Forever really does exist, but only now, in this very moment. By letting go of all that I am, by surrendering to love, by embodying devotion without condition or expectation, I make it possible for the moment itself to become forever. Thus each gaze, each caress, each kiss becomes an unceasing prayer to everlasting love.

‘Between me and You, there is only me. Take away the me, so only You remain.’ – Hafiz

I pray that each and every one of you come to touch this divine intimacy in your lifetime for it will lift up your mind, your heart and your life in a most inspiring and magical way. To live love is to surrender who you think you are to allow what you have always been, a divine light of inspiration, to shine forth and touch the world with beauty and grace.

Cristina and I look forward to sharing this beautiful journey with you, in our upcoming posts, books and workshops.
Blessings and joy to you all, – mKn

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Tantra Workshop Saturday, August 16

Saturday, August 16, 13hr – 18hr
The Art of Touching Intimacy Workshop
with Martin ‘Kalki’ Neufeld
– Tantric yogi, educator and healer
Le Plateau, Montreal
Price: 100$
This is an exclusive 5hr Intensive for couples and select singles with a very limited number of participants, you will be accepted only after a telephone interview with Kalki.

Call to for interview and workshop location 438 998-7978
Reservations & Payment

Touching IntimacyWorkshop Details:
Rediscover sensuality, desire and erotic touch through the wonderful Tantric practice of the Kama Marmas. How well do you know your sensual body and what about your partner’s? Through exploration and tactile stimulation of the 18 erogenous zones of the body you will learn not only to ignite the sexual desires, but also to develop intimate communication, self confidence, acceptance and appreciation of your body, and experience the pleasures of giving and receiving.
The workshop covers:
• The placement of each zone, their cultural or anthropological significance and how to stimulate them and their effects
• How to use the Primary, secondary, tertiary zones effectively;
• The benefits for couples who wish to increase their desire and those who are just entering an intimate relationship.
• How to develop presence, intimate communication, intuitive listening, body confidence, trust, and playfulness.
• The healing aspects of the Kama Marmas related to sexual blockages (frigidity, premature ejaculation, performance anxiety…)
• How to turn the entire body into one erogenous zone

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Why fall when you can rise in Love!

The following is an excerpt from a talk I gave during of the Kama Marma workshop I lead for the participants of the Agama Tantra Instructors Training Program in Thailand, about the journey of love from a Tantric perspective. 

…Rather than saying you are “falling in love” why don’t we look at it as “ I’m rising in love with you” not falling in love with you. Instead of falling down in love you rise it up into the heart and higher. This is an approach to love that opens up and flows through you. It is a pleasure that flows through you. If we try to grasp onto it we lose it’s magic, it moves down and it becomes falling into something deeper and darker than love, it turns into hunger, neediness, possessiveness, attachment & jealousy. The higher our ideal the higher we can reach, even if we don’t get there. In tantra we talk about the journey that’s important- we aim for the moon, but its not just getting to the moon that’s important, is the striving to get there that is the weaving of Tantra. Look at and embrace the journey. It will make you become greater than you are and what you think you are. It will help you experience and reach your highest potential as a human being and a spiritual being….

Workshops & events available: Sacred loving & Conscious living, The Spiritual Relationship, The Art of Living Love, The Art of Touching Intimacy, In Search for the ONE: Attracting and keeping a soulmate!, Chocolate Tantra &  Awakening the senses, The Art of Ritual in Love and Life …
Public talks and private consultations are also available.

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WARNING: male sexual enhancement pills can kill you!

Never imagined this to be my first post but here it is.

Well it seems that erectile dysfunction has caused men to grasp at any and all possible hope to feel virile and manly again. The article below from the CBCNews proves once again how unscrupulous some companies are to cash in men`s fears of impotency and sexual humiliation. If only men knew that there are countless proven Tantric and Taoist techniques to raise levels of testosterone and vitality bringing a natural healthy erection back to good standing. With a good Tantric training and nutrition program to follow most men could regain their vitality and virility in a matter of months if not weeks.

Our upcoming Tantra & Sexuality Workshop deals with this subject head on.


Health Canada has issued a warning about Innerget and Megaton male sexual enhancement pills that have potentially deadly side effects.
The pills are marketed as natural health products and sold online by a Richmond, B.C., store called Lion King Health.
Three Innerget brand pills are touted as offering “instant erection”, “everlasting strength” and “prolonged performance”. The fourth – an unauthorized natural health product – is branded Megaton 2080.
“These products are promoted as male sexual stimulants and contain hidden prescription medications,” Health Canada said in a statement.
The hidden ingredients include sildenafil analogs that may pose serious risks to the health of Canadians, particularly those with heart problems, or anyone taking any kind of nitrate drug such as nitroglycerine, as they can cause potentially life-threatening low blood pressure, it said.
“Individuals with heart problems including high blood pressure, a history of heart attack, stroke, abnormal heart beat or chest pain are at higher risk of cardiovascular side-effects if they engage in sexual activity, including if they use sildenafil or tadalafil to help them achieve an erection,” it added.
Other possible side-effects include headache, facial flushing, indigestion, dizziness, abnormal vision and hearing loss.
Health Canada is urging anyone who has used the products to contact their doctor and report and adverse reactions to their toll-free line at 1-800-267-9675.

View original article here.

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